M 8 & F 8 PDF


The M8 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System outperforms most of the other similar class of compact enclosured sound reinforcement system. Its size is not to be undermined compared to other larger enclosured systems. Where others fail to provide, the M8 provides highly defined sound together with tight bass response even at high levels.

It is a result of time and effort dedicated to speaker component design and its complementing vented enclosure to bring out the best of this compact system. Utilising a 200 mm high excursion woofer component and titanium diaphragm compression driver, fitted on to a 120 deg. radial waveguide, it is perfect for foreground / background music in restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores health clubs, distributed speech reinforcement systems and boardroom A/V presentation systems.

With its 2-way 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley crossover, designed to match the HF and woofer’s crossover point, the system is capable of delivering up to 200W of continuous program and a peak of 800W. Construction of its enclosure is aimed to minimise sound discolouration caused by the enclosure with the use of void-free laminated multi-ply board and tapered angles to reduce standing waves internally. A transformerised model, F8, is suitable for use with 70V / 100V line distributed speaker system, providing up to 50W of continuous program input and a maximum of 75 W.


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