M 12 & F 12 PDF


Be it for stage applications or Public Address System, when fidelity and powerful sound projection are needed for large installation, the M 12, 2-way Full Range Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker, is the answer. Its 300 mm high-powered low frequency driver and the titanium diaphragm compression driver forms the 2-way configuration with an integrated passive crossover, delivering wide linear frequency response. This ensures intelligibility, clarity and the needed resolutions over long distance.

Housed in a trapezoidal wooden enclosure finished in black abrasion-proof catalysed coating, the loudspeaker is designed for clustering and concealment. The configuration also yields a 90 by 60 degree coverage angle for direct sound projection over a wide area.

The M 12 is for low impedance applications while the F 12 is transformerised for high impedance applications. The M 12 is able to take a continuous input of 300W with a peak of 1200W with an 8
For added convenience, the enclosure comes complete with a die-cast top hat suitable for 35 mm loudspeaker mounting pole or stands.


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