MC 1 / MC 2 / MP 1 PDF

  The MC 1 & MC 2 desktop microphone have been designed adhering to a few essential design rules; simplicity, functionality and aesthetic. Both features an ascending 4-tone chime to mark the beginning of an announcement and a descending 4-tone chime to mark the end of an announcement.

The Chime's volume can be adjusted at the base of the unit or even disabled should it not be required. The unit is constructed from a sleek aluminium body and features a front bi-colour LED indicating the status of the microphones; whether the chime in progress or when it is ready for paging. Upon activation of the unit, a dry contact acivation line is triggered for interfacing with external devices.The MC 1 has a balanced output of -50 dB, designed for short cable run, while MC 2 is suitable for longer cable run with a balanced output of 0 dB. The MC 1 features a low current consumption circuit that operates off two C-size 1.5 V batteries and MC 2 operates off an external regulated power supply of 24 Vdc.

The MP 1 paging microphone features a unidirectional dynamic microphone and a push-to-talk button, with a balanced output of -55 dB. The unit is suitable for paging applications that do not require a chime.

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