MC 3 & MP 2 PDF

  The MP 2 & MC 3 desktop microphone have been designed adhering to a few essential design rules; simplicity, functionality and aesthetic.

The MC 3 features an ascending 4-tone chime to mark the beginning of an announcement and a descending 4-tone chime to mark the end of an announcement.

The Chime’s volume can be adjusted via a potential meter at the base of the unit. Upon activation of the unit, a dry contact activation line is triggered for interfacing with external devices. The MC 3 has a balanced output of 0 dB suitable for long cable run. MC 3 operates off an external regulated power supply of 24 Vdc while the MP 2 does not require any power supply.

The MP 2 paging microphone features a unidirectional gooseneck condenser microphone with a balanced output of -60 dB. The unit is suitable for paging applications that do not require a chime.

Both the MC 3 and MP 2 microphones require phantom power to operate.


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