The M 15b is engineered as both a complement to the M Series of full range loudspeaker systems and as a bass supplement to any audio system designed for professional applications.

Utilising a high excursion 380 mm vented woofer transducer with a 75 mm edge wound aluminium ribbon voice coil, the unit is able to provide extremely high levels of tight, punchy bass response with increased output, smooth power response and low distortion.

Designed into a compact direct radiating vented enclosure, tuned for optimum low frequency response, its wooden trapezoidal enclosure is constructed from void-free laminated multi-ply and finished with textured matt black abrasion-proof catalysed coating, providing years of operation and rough handling.

The enclosure is readily fitted with a die-casted top hat to support any full range system such as the M 12, M 10 or the M 8, resulting in compact yet powerful sound reinforcement systems for any event or installation.



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