M 15 PDF


The M 15 is one of the models in the Sound Reinforcement Series range of 2-Way loudspeaker system that provides high output and low distortion, designed for a wide range of pro audio applications. With precise controlled sound projection to designated areas with the use of a constant directivity HF wave guide fitted with a 2” exit, 75 mm voice coil titanium diaphragm compression driver, the M 15 is ideal for both single and multiple enclosure array arrangement.

Utilising a high power handling 380 mm vented transducer, the unit is able to achieve a more linear excursion even during program peaks. Built-in with engineered 2-way 4th order (-24 dB) Linkwitz-Riley passive crossover selects a crossover point where HF horn’s beamwidth matches that of the woofer, providing optimised matching of the HF and LF drivers while eliminating the need for additional processor / crossover units and power amplifiers. The M 15 offers a switchable powering mode: passive operation using the internal crossover filter network or directly to the transducers for biamplified operation.

Constructed from 18 mm void-free multi-ply, its 130-litre enclosure significantly extends the low frequency response of the system while its trapezoidal shaped enclosure reduces standing waves and reflections internally and providing the ideal splay for arraying.



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