eX 800 Series PDF


The eX 800 Series eMatrix System is a fully integrated and versatile public address system which is designed distinctively to fulfill the demands for both emergency and communication broadcasting. The eX 800 Series eMatrix System operates normally as a Public Address Management System, and during emergency, the system shall transform into an Emergency Management System. AEX System provides three different types of system under the eX 800 Series which consists of Basic ( n + 2 - 1 ) Early Evacuation System, Internal Hazard Early Evacuation System and External Hazard Early Evacuation System.

The eX 800 Series is able to handle up to a maximum of 20 inputs which consist of 12 messages / auxiliary inputs and 8 microphones while providing a maximum of 60 audio outputs . The 60 pure audio outputs are fully expandable to 188 speaker zones using relays, which enables the eX 800 Series to command an extensive area. The eMatrix System is able to handle up to 8 simultaneous inputs and 60 simultaneous outputs.



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