DS 201-S PDF
  The DS 201-S Digital Source Player is a dual purpose player capable of providing pre-stored MP3 messages as well as serving as a Background Music (BGM) source for any Public Address (PA) System application.

The DS 201-S utilizes an SD Card as its primary storage and also monitors the availability of the SD Card for faults. The unit allows 12 MP3 messages to be pre-stored and the messages can be selected to play via the front panel message selector button or via dry contact from the rear terminal connector.

The unit features a Background Music (BGM) mode which when triggered allows the user to play all the pre-stored music files in the SD Card. The unit is suitable for applications in factory environments where its easily accessible messages can triggered to signify end/start of shifts, in shopping malls and hotel environment where it can serve as a BGM source with thousands of music files to enhance the ambient environment.

The DS 201-S can also be integrated with the fire alarm panel, providing automatic evacuation or warning messages in the event of an emergency.


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