Automatic Amplifier Changeover Unit
Monitors 8 duty amplifiers channels and 1 standby amplifier channel.
Performs 1 - to - 8 amplifier backup on first come first served basis.
Automatic amplifier channel connection sensing.
General dry - contact upon amplifier failure for interfacing with external system.

Amplifier Monitoring Panel
Convenient monitoring of up to 10 power amplifier outputs.
Large VU meter provided for accurate visual monitoring.
75 mm dynamic full range loudspeaker unit with built-in attenuation for aural monitoring of the selected amplifier output.
19" EIA standard rack moutable, taking only 2U rack space.

Line Supervisory Unit
Built-in pilot tone signal generator
High precision line drivers enable accurate measurement of the loudspeaker line impedance up to a maximum distance of 1 km.
Impedance checking method allows for branching of loudspeaker lines without the need for end-line resistors and DC-blocking capacitors.
Allows for monitoring of loudspeaker line beyond the audio attenuator.
Automatically isolates shorted loudspeaker line from the power amplifier to prevent damage.
Multiple units can be cascaded, allowing for backup ratio of 16:1, 24:1 or more, up to 64:1.


Speaker Line Selector
Removable screw type 100V line Input/Output connectors for ease of servicing.
LED Status indicators provide easy visual monitoring.
ALL CALL button for convenient triggering of all available 12 zones.
External remote control from MED 400P Integrated Signal Manager via RJ 45 connectors.
1200W (100V line) maximum power handling per output.
1U 19” EIA Standard rack mountable.
  Audio Attenuator   Power Supply Unit
Maximum insertion loss of -0.5 dB.  
Regulated 24 Vdc power supply up to a maximum of 6 amperes.
Sleek and aethetically designed, constructed from high impact ABS with a white finish that blends easily into most surroundings.  
Solid state protection against short circuit and overloading.
The flexibility of being flush mounted or surface mounted without any visible mounting screws.  
Supports external backup power source of 24 Vdc which automatically switches over to load during main power failure.
Built-in emergency overriding relay which sets the output level to maximum during emergency announcement .
LED status indicators provide easy visual monitoring.

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