The CM 561 Flush Mount Ceiling Loudspeaker is designed for low ceiling applications in a public address system. The unit consists of a dual cone full range loudspeaker driver, capable of delivering up to 98 dB of Sound Pressure Level (SPL) with a frequency response of 100 Hz ~ 20 kHz, making the unit excellent for speech and music reproduction applications.

The unit's built-in line matching transformer makes it suitable for a 70 V and 100 V distributed speaker system. Multiple power tappings on the transformer allows for outputs of 6, 3 and 1.5 W (100 V) / 3, 1.5 and 0.8 W (70 V).

The loudspeaker driver unit is mounted onto an aesthetically pleasing 200 mm circular metal grille finished with a matted surface in White . The whole unit is spring mounted to the ceiling board makes installation simple and effective without any visible screw mounting holes.

There is also a back enclosure model available (CM 561E). With the metal back enclosure, crosstalk within the ceiling cavity can be prevented while acoustic damping material lining the enclosure reduces echoing.


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