ATS Series PDF


The AT Series Audio Attenuator are aesthetically designed to blend into most architectural surrounding without any matching complications with other electrical fittings. The units are constructed from high impact ABS material with a white matte finish, making the units highly durable while complementing most walls' surface finishing.

Apart from its aesthetic aspects, serious thought has been put into the safety aspect of the AT Series, bearing in mind that each unit comes with a built-in overriding relay, which when triggered will automatically set the output level to maximum.

The series consist of 4 models, a resistor network attenuator AT 06S (rated at 6W) and three tranformerised models AT 30S (rated at 30W), AT 60S (rated at 60W) and AT 120S (rated at 120W).

All the models have 5 steps of attenuation from the OFF position to a maximum of 0 dB with each step being -6 dB, all this controlled from a rotary selector switch at the front of the unit.



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