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  The Medusa 3 Series was developed with a clear objective, a Public Address System that was reliable and easy to use. A single box solution suitable for virtually any small-to-medium scale Public Address system application. The Medusa 3 Series consist of the Master Unit with a built in power amplifier making it an extremely easy to deploy standalone PA System. The Master unit is also versatile and provides up to 12-zones coverage. The Master Unit can be expanded with a Slave Unit, increasing the systems amplification power as well as zones up to a maximum of 24-zones. The Medusa 3 Series can be complimented with a Medusa MEI 60 Automatic Evacuation Interface, allowing for a fully automated ‘sandwich’ (N+1, N, N-1) evacuation with built in message. The Medusa 3 also comes with a built in amplifier monitoring and automatic changeover circuit to switch over the internal Master or Slave power amplifier to an external standby amplifier upon failure. Coupled with a built-in siren and handheld emergency microphone the Medusa 3 Series satisfies the growing need for building evacuation systems.  
  MED 306M / MED 312M  

Built in 1200W (MED 312M) or 600W (MED 306M) power amplifier.  
Internal amplifier monitoring and standby amplifier changeover.
Internal amplifier overload protection.
12 Zones speaker line outputs (Can be extended to 24 zones with MED 306S)
BGM broadcast with 4 paging priority levels (Remote Mic, LINE 1, Fire Alarm, Firemen’s Mode and Handheld Mic).
Supports up to 8 MRM 06 remote microphone.
Built-in ascending and descending chimes for remote microphone paging.
Interface with MEI 60 for 12 Zones (N+1, N, N-1) remote zone trigger (Can be extended to 24 Zones with MED 306S).
Built in siren tone
Attenuator override trigger output.
Internal fan.
MED 306S
Built-in 600W power amplifier.
Provide 12 zones extension to MED 312M/MED 306M.
Internal amplifier monitoring & standby amplifier changeover.
Internal amplifier overload protection.
Internal fan.

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