The LM 08 Line Supervisory Unit provides constant monitoring of the public address system's loudspeaker lines.

The unit provides constant surveillace for up to 8 loudspeaker lines, monitoring for short circuits, open circuits and ground leaks. Utilising high precision line driver impedance checking methodology, normally found only in precision measurement instrumentation, the LM 08 provides constant monitoring of branched loudspeaker network and audio attenuator insertion with minimal setup requirements.

An LCD display provides a simple user friendly interface for setup & monitoring, together with a set of buttons for control.

With user friendly visual indicators on the facial and built-in aural indicator for fault, the LM 08 is truly a complete multi-function package for monitoring one of the critical paths of any public address system.

The unit is capable of interfacing with the eX 800 Series Digital Matrix System for remote monitoring, fault event logging and notification.



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