(i) Quality statement and commitment
(ii) ISO Quality

AEX System's quality philosophy is based on the fundamental premise that any audio system is a chain whose overall performance depends on the strength of the weakest link. Very often, our system are called into action during emergencies. System failure in these situations would prove chaotic but more crucially, it could cost human lives. Acknowledging the critical role played by a Public Address System, we never compromise on product quality.

Our comprehensive range of professional audio products are built without cutting any corners and with the precise intent of supplying high quality and absolute operating reliability. All designs undergo intensive testing before being put on the production line. Each piece of component is carefully inspected prior to assembly. Finished goods are again selected at random for quality control testing.

As a result from this effort, a uniform, adequately dimensioned audio chain gives better results at the same cost and maintains its characteristics for much longer, thanks to the balanced performance of the various components and their optimised interaction.

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