AEX System was founded in 1983 with a vision of developing and manufacturing PA Systems. Even in the early days of inception AEX System had strongly believed that the most important function of a PA System was to save lives during an emergency. Based on that principle up to today, AEX System has advanced tremendously in the design, creation and marketing of a creditable range of products.

Constant investment in research and development has enabled AEX System to come up with products that rank among the top in the world's professional public address and sound reinforcement technology sector. Since the inception of AEX System, its products have found placement in greater parts of the Eastern Hemisphere. AEX System products are currently installed in over 800 locations, forming the cornerstone of high quality sound systems in some of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated buildings in the world. With a solid background in research and development, state-of-art production and marketing facilities, and an impressive presence in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand, AEX System continue to take the lead in audio communication globally.

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