H Series Wireless AirStream Speakers

Breakaway from tradition – go wireless! Don’t over complicate your sound installation with messy costly cabling. With AEX System’s world first commercial/industrial wireless speaker system utilizing our proprietary AirStream technology we ensure undisrupted “drop-out free”audio at all times. The AirStream speakers works across a range of our AirStream transmitters. Find out more!

VBS 601-AirStream Network Audio Extract

VPA 601-AirStream Network Audio Extract

VRX 601-AirStream Network Audio Extract

HB 550-AS 5” Fullrange AirStream Speaker

SB 515-AS 5” AirStream Sub-woofer

HB 8-AS 8” Fullrange AirStream Speaker

HB 12-AS 12” Fullrange AirStream Speaker

HB 15-AS 15” Fullrange AirStream Speaker